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Are You Stuck In A RUT?

Are you stuck in a RUT?

We all get stuck in that rut – especially when change happens quickly. I will let you in on a little secret – change has never been this fast before and will never be this slow again.


No matter who you are. How happy, intelligent, successful or famous, everyone at some point will get stuck in a rut. It is how you get out of that rut that counts. The current pace of change is fast enough to put anyone in a rut and we need to be prepared.


Where do you turn next and how you turn (without getting whiplash)? Good question. Well I can’t answer that for you but I can help you to work it out yourself.




wRrite – Writing is one of the most helpful methods of establishing a hidden problem, or addressing a known problem. Just a couple of minutes a day WILL help. I can promise you that. Within our working environments we don’t take enough time, and sometimes we need to talk a step back have a think and write everything down.


Whether that be a to-do list, a list of unsolved and uncompleted jobs, or perhaps even a couple of lines establishing what is really getting your goat.


Understand –  that this is just an unfortunate time, and everyone has them (no matter how perfect that work colleague sat opposite you may seem). You are not alone and everything will get better. Once you understand where your problems are coming from you can start to deal with them. Understanding is key.


Target and Talk –  about the problems. Nearly every problem is fixable. You have to do something about it, in order for it to no longer be a problem.


‘Grab the bull by the horns’ as they say. Talking about these problems either to yourself a work colleague or that mental guy in the pub. It doesn’t matter who, so long as you talk.  


Verbalising a problem is the beginning of fixing a problem. You now have your understanding of what is wrong, and the next step is to do something about it. If you don’t do anything about it then the above is a waste of time.  







We believe we need new thinking for new times in people, leadership, business and society.


Why? We believe we are facing a future Blackswan world with more volatility, greater uncertainty, increased complexity and unbelievable ambiguity.


We believe the speed of change will exponentially increase and we cannot solve our current or future problems with the same level of thinking that created them in the first place, that’s the why.


We like to do the ordinary in an extraordinary way! Who likes to be normal?


If you want to be different you can read a bit more about us here.