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Emotional control- the key to success

When you don’t control your emotions it is difficult to have self-awareness. When you are not able to control your emotions, it is difficult to have empathy. Lack of emotional control kills effective relationships. Emotional control is a change you can achieve. #MorningZenThought

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If you want to fly…

One of the scariest things you will have ‘to let go of’ is the older version of yourself. You can only become the author of your new life’s story by closing the chapter of the old you and writing the new you. If you want to fly, get rid of everything that weighs you down. #MorningZenThought

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We can try again… and again!

The sun will rise and we can try again. When it does, the greatest speech you will ever hear will start with Don’t just be good to others, be good to you. It will finish with We cannot become what we want by remaining where we are. #MorningZenThought

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