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Let’s talk about #MINDSET

As a global authority on the subject, Dr Maurice Duffy believes that the sooner one adopts the right mindset, the sooner one is going to live a happy, successful and fulfilled life. As such, it is never to soon to start and never too early to learn. As soon as kids learn that putting effort into something and using the right strategies can help them improve, achieve their goals and feel empowered, they try even harder. And they grow more confident and resilient as a result, without being afraid to fail. So how do we teach this to children? To start, we answer their questions on the subject! And believe us when we say, it makes for enlightening content for adults too! Check in every Friday at 10am on Facebook for a Live Q&A with Dr Maurice Duffy hosted by his very own ten year old son, Ethan!  If your children - or yourself - have a question on the subject of #mindset, #change, #motivation and #mentalhealth in general, please email and Ethan will ask the questions live on your behalf.      

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