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Don't Mess With The Customer

Don't mess with the customer

I was just reading a report which said that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

In the many workshops I run on customer experience we examine some universal laws applicable to how the customer experience is created. I draw upon nine truths, listed below, in my world of “experience”; each requires significant unlearning in its own right, a change in behaviour, enlightened leadership and an engaged workforce. However, to provide a simple outline of our thinking I list the headline approaches here:


  1. Every approach to customer experience is driven by the mindset of the provider, where we offer “customer benefit” not “customer sacrifice”.

  2. How we interact creates a universally personal impression, not only with customers but with everyone we meet.

  3. There are stated givens: credibility, reliability and intimacy are all critical components to building trust.

  4. People are instinctively self-centred; consequently we need to understand their needs and wants on both a tangible and intangible level.

  5. Customer intimacy, employee engagement, business strategy, organisational commitment, institutional leavening, values-driven leadership and business modelling are all aligned to the experience they are trying to create.

  6. A reduction in employee engagement is directly reflected in less engaged customers at a significant rate.

  7. Value is in the eyes of the receiver not the giver. Our value is not what we do but what the other person receives on both a rational and emotional level.

  8. Employees do what has mutual reward, is outcome based, measured and celebrated.

  9. You cannot fake it; your ego is not your amigo.


(Source: Blackswan Customer Experience workshop®)