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It's An Argument, Not A Strategy

It's an argument, not a strategy


Like my dog that chases a car only to frighten himself by catching it, those who campaigned for Brexit own what the outcomes are.


Yet we now discover that they don’t know what comes next or are in violent disagreement as to what outcomes they seek. They have no real strategy for deciding what comes next except to wade to the finish line through a toxic swamp of a clouded vision Ms Marple Britain, postcolonial nostalgia, xenophobia and general disaffection with the EU, Remainers, Ireland, and anyone who tries in their mind to thwart the will of the people.


Brexit has really become two warring factions of Leavers and Remainers who have lost sight of what the quest is in the heat of trying to beat the other side. The quest for any nation should be to protect safeguard and improve the lives of its people. Politicians who are there in service of that quest have dumbed down to fractional friction and have no time/energy or concern for real and tangible change to the severe problems we face.


Politicians and their core supporters are busy fighting over the choice between the status quo, and changing something – anything, so long as it is outside the EU. This is resulting in delivering a period of volatility without precedent or comparison, and the very people that we should be protecting are suffering in a silence because they have no channel to vent further their frustrations.



Parts of Britain are wrestling with a ‘shocking’ surge in treatment for malnutrition which is blamed on poverty in the fifth largest economy in the world. Yes there are voices of concern but they are drowned out on the airwaves by Brexit bullshit where our politics are more poisoned than ever before, our discourse so much more fragile, and our political leaders much more diminished and discredited.


Facts ceased to matter to either side in the debate, knowledge ceases to be valued, and compassion for those who desperately need our help evaporates. The number of workers living in poverty has reached a record high as the UK’s housing crisis fuels growing insecurity amongst the least well off. We know that over 3 million workers, or one in eight, live in poverty. Yes you read that correctly 3 million. Unbelievable! Low wages are regularly cited as the cause of in-work poverty. This compounded by the rising cost of rented housing which is also pushing working people into extreme financial difficulty.


The impact on our children is huge. Some figures I saw said that over 7 million people, including over 2.5 million children, are living in poverty despite being in working households. How can this be? As our politicians become more consumed by Brexit, it is vital that the voices of the hungry, the voices of the impoverished, the millions of voices of

our children are not allow to go unheard.


Yes Britain will leave the EU and we will be left to the mercy of the markets where we are now arguably less capable of directing our affairs than we were before. We are fooling ourselves that we will be more independent. We will simply be more isolated. How, in this scenario do we fulfil the promise to our people that they will be protected, cared for and allowed to grown? How can we promise they will not be poorer but growing in job security, in health, in the care we offer, in the education we offer so that we are the strong vibrant workforce that can challenge a world that is more ambiguous, volatile, uncertain, complex and dangerous.


Fingers crossed for the best outcome.