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#Leadership For A Post-covid World

#Leadership for a post-covid world

Crisis have a way of revealing, course-correcting and re-calibrating what leadership really means.

This is a moment that calls for Countries, Companies and Leaders all over the world to reinvent themselves. It’s about mobilizing dignity at scale, managing personal and organisational health, adopting new mindsets, skillful communication, and what I call #leadership.

Executives need to change their mindset in three steps: from enduring the crisis,to recovering from crisis, to leading out of the crisis. My work across the globe over the past four months has identified a number of things I consider imperative in the development of strategy.

 My advice is that leaders and businesses need to deploy a RESHAPE business strategy that delivers with speed by:

  • R – Rapidly recover revenue and customers
  • E – Embracing 3 horizon thinking. Deploy both a microscope and telescope mindset so that you are acting short but look and plan long
  • S – adopt a Start-up mindset, where the entrepreneurial spirit is allowed to flourish
  • H – putting Human Health and organisational health at the core of everything you do
  • A – Accelerating digital by ensuring your digital efforts reflect changing customers’ and employees’ expectations
  • P – ensuring that the organisation Purpose is the objective of the strategy
  • E – using Environmental Scanning rigorously. Sense where and how any forces of change may affect your business

It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who has been swimming naked. Warren Buffet

To support the reshape strategy, great communications must be at the core of everything you do. Communication that not only speaks to the future, but senses the forces of change, listens to the concerns of stakeholders, customers, the market, the government, and engages the heart, soul and brain of those that are needed for the journey of recovery. I refer to it as Superior Communication ©

  • SSimplicity is genius
  • UUnderstanding others concerns and interests
  • PPersonal to the recipient
  • EEngaging in stories that are real and meaningful
  • RRe-framing concerns into opportunities
  • IInsightful with information
  • OObjective in any analysis
  • RRegular and consistent

Around the world, authoritarian leaders are exploiting, exacerbating or grossly mishandling the response to the pandemic, placing selfish interest ahead of public good.

To challenge the current direction of travel, and to ensure that we have a future that our kids can enjoy to at least the standard we expect, a new way of thinking is needed and brave leaders with the courage to implement it. To support the RESHAPE Strategy and SUPERIOR Communication, I suggest leaders must also:

  • Act with urgency
  • Communicate with transparency
  • Respond productively to missteps
  • Engage in constant updating
  • Tap into suffering to build meaning
  • Be courageous and have a massive mindset reset
  • Put Personal Health and Organisational Health at the centre of everything they do

My five questions for you?

  1. How do you balance being an inspirational and comforting leader while continuing to push on performance?
  2. How do you respond to countless questions from managers and the frontline when no clear answers exist?
  3. How do you maintain your visibility and influence in the organization with limited interaction opportunities?
  4. How do you build your personal brand within the company without appearing self-centred?
  5. How do you keep your team engaged while working remotely?

About Dr Maurice Duffy

Irish. Author, Professor, Coach and Business strategist. The person Australian Captain Steve Smith credited with helping him back from his cricket ban. Coach to two Ashes wins. Coach to CEOs, Politicians and some of the best know international sports starts including Olympians. BBC ‘Thought for the Week’. Coached business leaders and organizations in 80 countries. Works with charities to do with Mental Health. Lives in North East England with his wife and 11-year-old son.