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New Year, New You? Let's Shake Things Up A Bit

New year, new you? Let's shake things up a bit


With a new year comes the promise of a ‘new and improved’ you.


And while we’re all for you becoming the best version of you that it’s possible to be, how often are those new year’s resolutions forgotten about by the time that first pay day comes around?


Change is frightening. But it’s also exciting, and it’s vital in today’s fast moving world in both a personal and professional sense.


Nothing ever changes by staying the same. Progress is impossible without change, so this year why not shake things up a bit?  




Resolutions are all well and good, but a large percentage of us don’t stick to them or forget about them within a matter of days or weeks.


So this year, let’s do things differently. Let’s not get to February, look back and wonder where it all went wrong. Let’s make 2018 the best year in our personal and business lives.


‘But how?’ I hear you cry. Easy. By being the change you want to see. We suggest three things:


Firstly, be the change. If you want to be the next CEO, then start acting like the CEO. And no we don’t mean long lunches on expenses, we mean go the extra mile in your job every day so that when that position becomes available they’ll look at you and say ‘that’s the person we need for the job’.


Secondly, change your mindset. Positive thinking can help you achieve what you want in life, so find what you are grateful for and instead of counting all the things that are going wrong – count the ways things go right. If you focus on positive energy, you’re more likely to attract positivity. Things happen when we move forward positively. The world comes to meet us and it will greet us with a smile. We assume things because of our experiences, our bias and our prejudices. Our mindset controls how we evaluate and react to events around us. Much of who we are on a day-to-day basis comes from our mindset. So if you strengthen your mindset, you can strengthen your life.


Thirdly, say yes. Not to everything, that could be an accident waiting to happen, but say yes to things, try new things. After all, it’s not the mistakes and failures you have to worry about, it’s the opportunities you miss when you don’t even try, that hurt you the most. Be fearless, not fearful.


And finally, get creative. Creativity promotes learning, alleviates stress and connects us in an emotional way to others. Many of us have lost the ability to use our imagination to its full capacity and need to find this capability again.


So as we begin this year agree to focus on your strengths, filter out the negative, and change your mindset. And remember, nothing happens until the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change.


This year let’s ditch the resolutions, stop focussing on the calendar and putting pressure on ourselves that change must be completed by a certain time, and vow to make real life changes forever. Let’s take 2018 by the horns and show it who’s boss.


Change your thinking and change your life.


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