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The Mindset Of A Winner

The Mindset of a Winner


Once you change your mindset everything around you changes.


Successful entrepreneurs, leaders and other top performers understand that success is a journey, and not a destination. The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. Throughout your journey, you must continue growing and learning. You’ll work hard to succeed, and then you’ll work twice as hard to maintain your success. It’s a slow grind, and it starts with your mindset. 


People often ask me this question as a mindset coach,


“What is the secret ingredient that helps the very best performers achieve such phenomenal growth?” 


I often wonder if some of those who ask me the question simply want to mimic others, so that they can short circuit the process. A bit like getting a book and reading the back cover. Now, I am lucky to coach some of the very best international athletes, top business people, very smart entrepreneurs and some great politicians and I get to see that it does not work like that. Yes, success is a mindset. However, that winning mindset does not happen by magic and there is no silver bullet.


The Winning Mindset requires work and practice with a fierce dedication to your vision. When I coach, I put top performers through a 100-day plan where we measure them against five key behaviours. (5KB©). I ask them to measure themselves twice a day against these statements, once in the morning, with a score to achieve that day, and at night with a reality check on how they did. Over 100 days we embed this thinking, these desires – this way of living. In overview, the 5KB© measurements consist of;


  1. I had a burning desire to excel and I did not settle for ‘good enough’ thinking today. I drove my performance. I took the risks. I did the ordinary in extraordinary way.

  2. There was ‘No Excuses Thinking’ in my mind.  I stayed focused on my big goals. I did not view obstacles as problems. I overcame every challenge. I was tough minded.

  3. I was so determined every minute of the day. I sought solutions to every challenge that came before me. Failure did not exist in my vocabulary today. ‘Giving in’ was not an option. My mind drove my performance. I stretched my expectations.

  4. I visualised my success. I practised in my mind and delivered in my body. My mind and body were at one. I did not let frustration affect me. My energy came from doing what I visualised myself doing over and over again. I did not tire from seeking that success in the way I visualised, in the way I approached each activity, in the way I performed, and in the way I brought others with me.

  5. I was at peace with myself. I did not allow myself to get down. I showed the emotions I wanted others to see. I communicated well in words and body language. My “Presence” was high. I was always ‘in the room’. I did not let my brain wander. I was the leader in mind and body. I stood tall.  Other people wanted to listen to me and follow me.


I said that success is hard work, and it is – it’s not just about knowing the five key behaviours (5KB©), but being the 5KB©. We practise, as a coach and coachee, the 5KB© every single day with a serious intensity, and I mean we work on these day and night. We sweat the ups and downs of the mindsets until these 5 abnormal mindsets become normal. I am a hard task master in not allowing any slippage.


We also adopt a six-step path alongside this that underpins these 5KB© mindsets. These are the key elements to creating rapid change and manifesting the desired results quickly. It’s a toolbox of mindset strategies and a framework that I call 562KB©.


1. Begin with intention

Firstly, wake up every day with intention that you set the night before. The moment you wake up is when the game starts. Don’t get distracted by the usual stresses, things to do, worries, checking your phone. Get the 5KB© in front of you and visualise yourself achieving them. Change your routine. Ask yourself, “How do I choose to feel right now?”. Find a morning routine that works for you and fits your intention. We are conditioned from an early age to believe that change is hard. What you believe about change will impact everything. You have to be in charge of your change.


2. Awaken the body and mind

Then, move your body. This isn’t necessarily a trip to the gym, but if that suits, then do it. Try some yoga, go for a walk, stretch and move for a few focused, intentioned minutes. Get your head in the game. Put those 5KB©mindsets in front of you and see them living in everything you are doing today. Start now with visualisation: What do you want the day to be like? What score do you want to achieve in the 5KB© mindsets tonight? Write it down. Then do affirmations: Design powerful sentences in short, sharp language patterns to bring order and discipline to your mind.  Always use the second person “You are going to be above 8 out of 10 tonight…”, “You choose to believe that 9 is possible ….” Simply don’t allow the negative subconscious to intrude — take control and affirm.


3. Eat to fuel

Number three, how’s your nutrition? What sort of fuel are you putting into your body? Ensure that you have the best selection of things to eat on hand and make sure that it’s what your body and mind needs to kick off your morning routine. Design and stick to your planned fuel.


4. Night time commitments

Practice a daily mindset framework. Look back on your day and ask:

  • Did you achieve your Vision of the Day:  Did you lock in your actual, big-picture reality – the vision?

  • Check your identity: Did you really show up as the best version of yourself?

  • Beliefs: Were you true to yourself. Did you really commit?

  • Blocks: Ask yourself, “What held me back today?” 

Know the resistance stops you achieving, so stop that resistance in its tracks and figure out how you will overcome it.


5. Reset and set your morning intentions

Make a note of the steps you’ll take tomorrow that are aligned with your vision, get clear on what your vision looks like and be ready to move purposefully toward it.


6. Live your life with intent

Think about the highest version of yourself, this confident individual, and see how that person would show up. See that person’s presence. Feel that person’s intent. Make that person be the person you want them to be in the way you look, act, walk and talk. Hold that energy from your vision with intent as the highest version of yourself.


It’s all about practice, practice, practice, each and every day. Nobody gets it perfectly from the outset. It’s 100 days of intense focus but it’s a guarantee to change your life to extraordinary. We are who we really think we are. We can be who we really want to be. However, reading the back-cover changes nothing.


The Mindset of a Winner© is an intensive coaching programme brought to you by one of the world’s leading names in performance ,Dr Maurice Duffy. From elite football, cricket and rugby to the Global Businesses and international politics, Maurice’s expertise is behind some of the world’s most successful leaders and teams.