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The Power Of The 3 Ls

The power of the 3 Ls

#MindU~~ My 11 year old  son Ethan asked if I understand the 3 Ls. When I asked what they are,  he said they are the most important lesson on life, and if we implement them, it will make a huge difference to the kind of life we have. Obviously, I was intrigued. He told me the 3 Ls stand  for

  • LiveLive in the moment
  • LoveLove widely and inclusively
  • LearnLearn to forget

Fantastic words and so meaningful to us all.

Too often, we spend huge amounts of time travelling  back to our past and yet we don’t live there anymore. We spend 80% of our time worrying about things that probably will never happen and only 20% living today. We waste so much of our irreplaceable time wishing our lives into the future, when there is so much loving and living still available to us today. #MorningZenThought