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Our mindset sets the tone of any engagement with our dreams, aspirations, ambitions, relationships, career, success and happiness. This book is intended to be a wakeup call to change your mindset because: 

- Skill and competence are no guarantee of success
- Mindset influences your progress
- You can influence your mindset
- It takes more than guts to succeed
- Strengthen your mindset and strengthen your life

Why would you buy a book that you have never seen?

In a shop you would pick it up, flick through the pages and make your decision to buy or put it back on the shelf. 

So to give you a flavour for New Mindset for New Times please feel free to flick through the provided images to help make your decision. 

“Maurice shares his very valuable insight into how mindset sits at the heart of who we are, how we show up and what we can achieve; the mindset we adopt has a strong correlation with success or failure in all that we do. This fabulous book is a straight forward read, and provides many useful take aways that are easy to put into every day practice and can make a real difference. As Maurice says “if you don`t consciously adopt a mindset one will be subconsciously chosen for you”. Choose wisely!
Alison Hughes, Managing Director, NHS WSYBCSU

“I read this book on the plane home, and it was absolutely brilliant, the perfect airplane read. This is the best book I have ever read on mindset, it distils the wisdom of someone who has worked with the top leader in business and makes it accessible for everyone.”
David Gibson OBE, Visiting Professor, Universities of Derby and Sunderland

“True leadership isn`t about seniority, it`s about having the right attitude to take the business forward, being recognised and respected by others. Achieving the right mindset is key to successful leadership, and in New Mindsets for New Times this critical topic is presented by Maurice Duffy in a refreshing and entertaining format.”.
Hugo Bagué, Group Executive, Rio Tinto

“Maurice is a natural storyteller, he used this talent to draw together his thinking, based on many years of working to help leader re-shape their organisations, and themselves. The result is a fascinating, captivating and thought-provoking book which challenges the reader to think in different ways and break from convention”.
Professor John Macintyre, Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Sunderland

Have you ever read the book? What did you think? Give me your opinion.