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How well you do in life is highly dependent on your internal emotional management skills and what you think about. Most of your thoughts and beliefs about the world are formed on a subconscious level and are the unconscious drivers of your though patterns. We all become what we feel and think. I know after coaching thousands of people that to be an elite performer ,in sports,  in life, in work or relationships, is a direct consequence of your personal mindset control and you know what, most people don’t control theirs.  What scares me is most people don’t even know they can. That is the edge I give you. I help you, your team or your business rewire your individual and collective mindsets, thereby enabling you to achieve  your greatest potential

How do I do it?  I provide a variety of personal coaching programmes for private individuals be they in Sports, Business, Politics or just living and corporate organization in the Public and Provate sector. Whether you are looking  to achieve a Gold medal A world Championship, start up a business, be a leader or just at expanding your horizons, changing your lifestyle, or climbing a ladder to somewhere, I can help you unlock and enable the mindset that will allow you to achieve the dream

No successful person was ever born great. What they achieved was a result of thousands of hours of practice, focus, motivation, and resilience. You need to know yourself. You need to know those immunities that have always stopped you changing.

My Methodology ABCDE©

My coaching framework has five fundamental pillars.

It is based on scientific studies, real-life experiences, as well as philosophical and spiritual approaches. I help you train your mind to unlock your full potential and accelerate your life and career.


Get to know yourself.

Identify your core values, your drive.

Understand the why and articulate your purpose!


Understand yourself and make sense of the world around you and its events. Develop your belief system and understand the beliefs that work for you and those who work against you.


I use a specific goal-setting structure to help you commit more to your objectives. However, I ask for more.

I demand you stretch your goals and expectation to help achieve more than you ever thought possible.


I use a clear and fuzzy strategy.

Clear on the key objectives.

Fuzzy at the edge to allow your imagination imagine.


Calm, confidence, focus, resilience, motivation, and people skills are very important. These are all intrinsically linked with emotion. The secret is balancing Plasticity and Stability, which can be achieved through Mindfulness and Meditation.

My methodology is designed to help you improve upon yourself,
gain a growth mindset and perform in your personal and professional life.

It’s all about showing you how to consistently develop your mindset and deliver the outcomes that you want.





Online Course to learn how to improve your Career and change your Life


Learn the secrets of choice and making choice a powerful tool for change.


It is exactly what it says on the label. Let your mind and body relax. Take a tour through guided mediation and mindfulness.Understand how to gain emotional control. Be in charge of your sense. Take long walks with guided peace.


Private one-on-one 4 day retreat. Take a break with a Coach. Experience the intensity of resetting all your goals, strategies, beliefs. Learn how to control your mind. Immerse yourself in intense meditation. Enjoy both mental and physical stimulation. Relax in superb surroundings.


Learn a way of optimising your thinking, your beliefs and your behaviours. If you have ever felt stuck, out of answers and totally unclear about what your next steps should be in life, this program will help you discover an arsenal of insights for identifying your problem areas and allow you to identify an actionable framework for moving beyond them.


Learn how unconscious bias describes situations where our background, personal experiences, societal stereotypes and cultural context can impact our decisions and actions without realising. How many time have you unduly or unknowingly experienced or perpetrated the negative forces of unconscious bias? Learn if you are basing your decision on 30s judgments or quantitative and qualitative information?


Control your mind with subliminal messaging. Combine the Law of Attraction with positive affirmations and subliminally messaging that allows the positive emotional outflow of thoughts and beliefs.


Enhance cognitive dominance and control. Learn how mindset works and shift from react to respond.