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MINDSET is the combination of one’s thoughts and beliefs, which in turn shapes a person’s mind mood, self-image, behaviour and habits.  Mindset impacts how one makes sense of the world and sense of one own self.


Your mindset shapes your mood. Your mindset sets your attitude. Your mindset creates your beliefs. You mindset develops your self-image. And critically, your mindset sets your performance.
If you want to drive your performance, achieve your dreams, deal with personal issues, develop relationships, make changes or find emotional peace, then your mindset controls how you respond and implement any plan of action. If you do not consciously adopt the right mindset, build the discipline to sustain and deliver, then there is little hope of success.


I help people in all walks of life to be more successful. I do this my adopting my 5Ms Mindset Change Programme, which accesses, develops and sustains the appropriate mindset to help you achieve that success

My methodology is designed to help you improve upon yourself,
gain a growth mindset and perform in your personal and professional life.

It’s all about showing you how to consistently develop your mindset and deliver the outcomes that you want.

My ABCDE© Methodology

My coaching framework has five fundamental pillars. It is based on scientific studies, real-life experiences, as well as philosophical and spiritual approaches. I help you train your mind to unlock your full potential and accelerate your life and career.


Get to know yourself.

Identify your core values, your drive.

Understand the why and articulate your purpose!


Understand yourself and make sense of the world around you and its events.

Develop your belief system and understand the beliefs that work for you and those who work against you.


I use a specific goal-setting structure to help you commit more to your objectives.

However, I ask for more.

I demand you stretch your goals and expectation to help achieve more than you ever thought possible.


I use a clear and fuzzy strategy.

Clear on the key objectives.

Fuzzy at the edge to allow your imagination imagine.


Calm, confidence, focus, resilience, motivation, and people skills are very important. These are all intrinsically linked with emotion.

The secret is balancing Plasticity and Stability, which can be achieved through Mindfulness and Meditation.