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 The single most important factor influencing a person’s success – whether personal or professional, in Sports, Business or Politics – is mindset. What you think about consistently has a direct impact on your dreams behavior, life and not the other way around. So, it is vitally important to get this fundamental ingredient right.

~~every mind matters … and I help you understand and make your own mind matter more.

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#MindU~~ Don't wake up and be mediocre! There will be a day when you'll not wake up again. Today is not that day! So make sure you use the time wisely. Be in a hurry cos you'll never have this moment again. #MorningZenThought
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#MindU~~ You can't be happy with a negative brain. For a faster, better, healthier brain, choose one thought over another. Choose happiness. Choose positivity. Then, take your brain with you. If you change the way you think, you will change the way you live. #MorningZenThought

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