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If Henry Ford had listened to his customers
he would have given them faster horses
Instead, he changed the world by giving them
the world’s first automobile

an online programme for leaders in a post-Covid world

After lockdown, every business is needing to figure out how to operate in new ways. Our new Crisis Management Programme – based on 20 years of research – can assess and stress test your organisational  preparedness, while helping you to identify personal and organisational gaps and enable you to address them.

Speed is now THE major business imperative

The programme’s organisational outputs will provide a greater understanding of the:

  • 10 Point Organisational Crisis Strategy that is shown by research to be the starting point for addressing the crisis we are facing and why implementing this now is so very critical.
  • Crisis Leadership Imperatives Behaviours & Competencies that are critical in order to take advantage of the opportunities within the new normal business landscape.

Learn how to apply the 10 Point Organisational Crisis Strategy

1. Starting with Think/Act/Do position
2. Scenarios for multiple and demanding situations
3. ‘Pattern Position’ and broad direction of travel from ‘As-is’ – ‘To-Be’
4. Actions and strategic moves that are robust across scenarios
5. Trigger points that drive your organisation to act at the right time
6. Pre-set speed above normal
7. Early-warning system to signal which scenario is emerging with a set of warning indicators
8. Actions and portfolio of moves into a strategic crisis-action plan with warning indicators
9. Employees mindset and leadership capability to deliver
10. Superior communication plan that Engages, Improvises and Clarifies

Learn how to understand and apply Crisis Leadership Imperatives Behaviours and Competencies to your leadership capability

1. Sense of purpose-driven leadership whilst sucking up ambiguity
2. ‘Hug the Monsters’ with no safety net
3. Harness the power of culture and network of teams
4. Improvise agile adaptive flexible structures with robust resilience and efficiency
5. Innovative beyond imagination with a chaos intrapreneur receptivity
6. Sustainable results that are aligned to the 5 Voices
7. Externally wired, internally aware
8. Symbolic behaviour that is genuine, not generous
9. Breakneck speed pre-set above normal breaking the performance barrier
10. Superior crisis communication that counter-balances complexity with simplicity

We define crisis management as the sum of activities aimed at minimizing the impact of a crisis. Impact is measured in terms of damage to people, critical business capability and profitability. Negative outcomes are often related directly to ineffective crisis management. For 20 years, we have been tracking leadership capability in ‘mega crises’, such as the financial crisis and other disasters in business, political or sport terms. We have identified a leadership deficit in our assessments of crisis management performance (ranging from failure of imaginationfailure in decision making to failure of initiative).

Through our research, we have identified a series of key indicators that leaders need to possess or embrace, in order to be able to perform effectively in the difficult conditions under which crisis leaders operate. As part of this programme, you will be asked to take a quick survey to assess your own preparedness for cracking the code of effective leadership & organisation for the post Covid-19 new normal. On completion of this survey, we will compare your results to our top 10% performers from previous crisis and provide you a score on readiness.

Cracking the Code is a programme aimed at bridging the post Covid-19 leadership gap. It will allow you to see the future much more clearly than your competitors. You will see opportunities that must be grasped, while also being agile enough to pivot instantly and change direction. Moreover, it will enable you to THINK. ACT. DO.

THINK – Develop your plan of action

ACT – Move the plan on

DO – Monitor the plan


CRACKING THE CODE is the latest addition to our Leadership & Management Coaching Programmes and was elaborated for these current times. We can further adapt its structure to the specific needs or objective of your team and/or organization.

We usually deliver this type of course in person. However, under the current lockdown and pandemic related restrictions, we are able to deliver the same content just as effectively via Zoom for individuals or any size group.

In the video below, Dr Duffy gives a brief introduction to the programme with Prof John McIntyre, while debating the impact COVID-19 will have on the social and economic fabric of the planet and who the winners and losers will be.