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“What happen’s out there, is a result of what happen’s in here”

Mental preparation is one of the most important aspects of elite performance. And now you can access the minds of elite performers across the world of sport, as they take you through visualisation exercises that will help you be mentally prepared for what you are facing.

First up is Olympic medalist Chris Cook:

Chris Cook, Swimmer, Olympic Medallist

Chris loved learning to swim and his parents wasted no time getting him into swimming classes so he could enjoy the water. Chris distinctly remembers living for each swimming lesson every Saturday morning.

After competing for Great Britain for nearly 10 years Chris hung up the trunks and retired from international swimming and now works with businesses, performance teams, schools and organisations to assist them in pursuit of their goals, inspiring a world class mindset and encouraging people to follow their passion. Chris has built an impressive reputation on word of mouth as a motivational speaker and regularly receives testimonials that reflect passion to inspire.

Chris is also the director and owner of Swim Buddies Swimming Academy in Darlington