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For many of us, me included, food is not just fuel for our bodies, it can be what gets us through the day or bad times.

We order a pizza when we are lonely. We graze on ice cream when we are feeling down. We pop out to pub to blow off steam. All of this happens when our uncomfortable emotions overwhelm us and we turn to food for comfort or distraction.

The problem with this is that, while binging on carrot cake might make us feel better for an hour or two, it does nothing to address the deeply ingrained emotional issues or habits which tempted us into gorging in the first place.

Why? Because food can’t fill our inner potholes or that feeling of emptiness, filling up when we are feeling down only leaves us dazed confused and guilty. We continue to repeat the process using calories to snuff out our feelings — and our emotional and physical baggage gets heavier and heavier.

I have had a lifetime battle with losing weight.

Just telling me to eat less and exercise more has never worked. Telling me you cannot out-train a bad diet has not worked. Telling me its bad for my health has not worked. Telling me I will die early and I have an 11 year old son has not changed that habit of rewarding myself when things are not going well, or when I am feeling down. But finally after 20 years of personal fighting to control my weight, I have discovered the missing link between the biology and psychology of weight.

It’s not about dieting or taking more exercise. It comes down to a mindset that understands and address these issues. Those of us at war with ourselves over food know it well. Emotional hunger driven by both stress and anxiety needs to be binned, and we need to free ourselves to have a healthy diet and have a healthy life.

I have devised a 10 week programme on how to apply that missing link between the biology and psychology of weight.

The programme will start with a personal assessment on who you are and what you want to achieve. It is built upon the 5Ms that I use within Elite Performance Coaching and my personal journey with weight.

The programme comprises of ten weekly 30 minute sessions and will focus on Mental Reflection, Mental Redirection, Mental Meditation, Mental Visualisation and Mindset

  1. How stress makes us fat
  2. Emotional eating
  3. Belly fat
  4. Addicted to food
  5. Filling up for our empty lives
  6. Grazing and surfing food
  7. Self-worth/ hating your body
  8. The right motivation
  9. Power of the mind
  10. Mindful eating

The 10-week programme will help you to understand you better, be better and live better. The weight loss benefits of what I will teach you to practice are life changing.