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A collection of bite-size motivational nuggets of wisdom to start the day on a positive note

Live without limits

The world of fear imposes limits. Our imagination is limitless. Dream without fear. Live without limits. #mindset #mondayinspiration #positivethinking

Emotional control- the key to success

When you don’t control your emotions it is difficult to have self-awareness. When you are not able to control your emotions, it is difficult to have empathy. Lack of emotional control kills effective relationships. Emotional control is a change you can achieve. #MorningZenThought

Dream to achieve….

Everyone has dreams. All dreams are possible. However, only those who have the courage and tenacity to achieve their dreams, leave this life truly fulfilled. #MorningZenThought

Change the plan not the goal

If the plan is not working, change the plan, but never the goal. #MorningZenThought

Until something changes, nothing changes.

Don't keep running at a wall hoping there is a door. Until something changes, nothing changes. #MorningZenThought

Failure is part of success

Failure is not the opposite of success. It is part of success. #MorningZenThought

Always face the sunshine

Today keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows of your past will fall away behind you. #MorningZenThought

If you want to fly…

One of the scariest things you will have ‘to let go of’ is the older version of yourself. You can only become the author of your new life’s story by closing the chapter of the old you and writing the new you. If you want to fly, get rid of everything that weighs you down. #MorningZenThought

We can try again… and again!

The sun will rise and we can try again. When it does, the greatest speech you will ever hear will start with Don’t just be good to others, be good to you. It will finish with We cannot become what we want by remaining where we are. #MorningZenThought

Think like a winner

If you want something, visualise it by seeing it, feeling it, believing in it. Having a mental image of where you are and where you are going is incredibly powerful. Focus your visualisation. Think positive and visualise your strengths. Learn to think like a winner. #MorningZenThought

Your Morning Speech

 The best speech you will ever hear is the one you give to yourself in the morning. Put yourself at the top of that speech every day and the rest will fall into place. #MorningZenThought

Meditation for Self-Image

Meditation allows you to unplug yourself and kick start the new you. Meditation for Self-Image kick-starts the process. #MorningZenThought

Visualize then … Act!

Accept what is. Don’t live in the past. Believe in what will be. Beauty comes from the inside out. Visualize your success, then take action. #MorningZenThought