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Klopp type Leaders never walk alone

As a Liverpool fan I love my club. I was recently out door knocking in Newcastle for Labour. At some doors I knocked on I received some negative feedback on Jeremy Corbyn and why they would not vote Labour as a result. I always asked the house owner if they were a Geordie fan and in 95% of cases their face lights up and they said yes with usually ’Toon Toon’ as an add on. I then say, when Steve McClaren was manager and you did not like him, did you stop supporting the club? I positioned Jeremy Corbyn in same way - it’s not about the leader, it’s always about the values of the organisation/club. Why do I tell you this? Well leaders of clubs and political parties are of a time and are not timeless. Clubs like Liverpool to me are timeless. But that view of my football is challenged by Jurgen Klopp.


To me as a Liverpool fan and also as leadership executive coach, Jurgen Klopp brings great things to a great club. His words ’blame me, not the kids’ when his young team did not achieve showed a great deal of his leadership thinking, as did ’if you want to criticise anyone, criticise me and leave the players alone’ and ’if they made mistakes it’s my responsibility, they helped us at this moment’. All this demonstrates great leadership thinking. His passion and his commitment is infectious and his ability to get people to follow him is extraordinary. Why? The smiling German martinet is not a figure who looks for excuses when results go against him. He looks inward to himself rather than outwards towards others or the environment. He's able to maintain enthusiasm, and uses a positive, supportive approach which is infectious to players. Yet he is also blunt and honest, and takes no prisoners sometimes when he feels people are not stepping up to their responsibilities. If only poor only Jeremy was like this...


I look at Jurgen Klopp and see leadership qualities we all could learn from.



Ability to delegate

Emotional engagement

Models the behaviour he wants to see


Unbridled inquisitiveness




Ability to inspire

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