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Top 10 tips to survive Blue January



January is known as the Monday of months, and with good reason. If you’re reading this then you’ve already survived Blue Monday - scientifically the most depressing day of the year, but how do you plan to get through the rest of the month with a smile on your face? How can you make the first month of 2018 a fantastic one rather than a gloomy one? How can you ensure you put yourself into the best mindset possible to achieve all those goals you decided you wanted to achieve this year?


Here’s our top 10 tips for surviving January.


  1. Plan a holiday

    So I’m pretty sure everyone is trying to beat the January Blues and the post-Christmas slump by dreaming of white sands and turquoise seas. Travel companies offer great deals if you book in January, so get searching, get booking and give yourself a holiday to look forward to while you stare at another excel spreadsheet.


  2. Give your house a spring clean

    It’s a boring one, but it’s important. Being in a clean environment is best for having a clear mind. We’ve all heard the old adage tidy home, tidy mind, but it has been prov
    en to help reduce stress levels when you’re in a calming space. So grab your marigolds and get cleaning.

  3. Try something new

    Whether it’s a new hobby or a new recipe you’ve been meaning to try for ages, just try it. Even if it’s awful, even if you never do it again. Trying new things helps to broaden the mind, and when your mind is open to new possibilities we become more likely to succeed. So give it a go.


  4. Treat yourself

    Gingerbread lattes and mint hot chocolates are staples in the winter months, so get wrapped up and treat yourself to
    a time out with a good book and a festive drink before they’re shelved until Christmas.

  5. Start saving

    Another boring, but vital tip. Even if it’s a minimal amount a month it quickly adds up – start saving now and you can treat yourself to something next January when you’re back in the festive slump. People who regularly save are more confident and calmer as they have a plan for the future. Set up a direct debit into a savings account and you won’t even notice you’re saving. Simple.



  6. Get moving

    No one wants to exercise, I’m sure of it. Even the people who say they don’t can’t really mean it. But exercise boosts your endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body. Positive mind, positive body, positive life. If you need some help, download an app, or join an exercise class.


  7. Go for a walk at lunchtime

    Instead of eating your lunch at your desk, use that time to go for a walk – as it might be the only daylight you get to enjoy. Daylight is vital to our wellbeing and is a mood booster, so grab your sandwich and go for a stroll rather than ploughing through emails.


  8. Help others

    Studies show that when you help others you feel better about yourself. So help your friend move house, hold the door open for someone carrying the coffees, little things make a difference. Spread a little love and you will reap the rewards.


  9. Focus on your strengths

    As humans it’s natural to focus on our weaknesses rather than our strengths. New year resolutions are a perfect example of this as we are always trying to ‘fix’ something about ourselves. Instead, determine what your strengths are and celebrate them.


  10. Think positive

    One positive thought in the morning has the ability to change your whole day. So think positively about what you can achieve, visualise yourself achieving it, and then go and get it. Ban negativity this January!


And if all else fails, buy a calendar and cross off each day as you accomplish it, and don’t worry – it’ll be February soon!

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