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Dr Maurice Duffy is considered an authority worldwide on mindset and change


With a client roster that includes Olympic athletes and world top performers in the Sport, Politics and Business sectors, Dr Maurice Duffy is recognised globally as one of the top coaches on the subjects of mindset and change and he frequently travels the world to teach on these subjects.

Average performers prepare to start, elite performers prepare to finish.

There is an assumption that people working at a high level already have a winning mindset.

This is often not the case.


How big is your dream?

Harness the power of  mindset to achieve what you want.


Be the change you want to see!

Learn the methods that will help to achieve that change.


There are immunities that stop you changing.

Discover how to motivate yourself through them.


A collection of bite-size motivational nuggets of wisdom to start the day on a positive note

#MindU~~ Denying or shutting out thoughts of the Coronavirus will not help. Panicking or being stressed is understandable, but not the answer. Protecting yourself and others is the answer. Look after the elderly now, as they are our history and our souls. Behave towards others as you would want them to behave towards you.#MorningZenThough


#MindU~~ Loneliness is not about being alone. It’s the feeling that no one cares. The feeling of not being necessarily sad, but just empty inside.

In this time of crises we should reach out to elderly and let them know we care. Let’s put notes in elderly people’s doors this morning saying ring me if you need anything or just want to chat.



#MindU~~ In this time of national emergency we should ensure that fear does not make enemies out of people who should be friends. It is incumbent on all of us to protect each other. Everything we want and desire is on the other side of fear.



#MindU~~ We cannot live our lives by just satisfying our own selfish needs. When we look after others, we are looking after our own futures, as they will be there, when we need help. Stay connected to people.



#MindU~~ You are a full person through contact and relationships with other people. You cannot be human in isolation. You are human through relationships.

Isolation is the worst counsellor and coach. Our own thoughts can drive us crazy. We must ensure we reach out to as many as possible and keep contact alive and them alive.



#MindU~~ The irrelevance of matters that consume our thinking, recede when the important things in our life are threatened.

The priorities we had 10 minutes before, disappear as the new realities are understood. Focus on what’s important.



#MindU~~ Today be thankful for what you have. We fail too often to appreciate the richness of our lives in family, friends and health. Everything else will pass. Reach out today and touch the hearts of those you love now. Be a source of energy for them.



#MindU~~ We cannot help everyone, but we can help someone and ourselves. Search inside yourself, find the giving you'', and do for others what you hope someone would do for you.



Rule 1 - Take the helicopter route

If you are over-stressed or anxious about the #coronavirus then the greatest speech you will hear today is the one you five yourself this very morning.  Take the helicopter route. Look at the big picture

Over 97% of people recover

Now, today, play your part by ensuring we all recover.



Rule 2 - Take action in mind and body

Stop obsessing over the future and start focusing on managing your mind now.  Anxiety thrives on being fed. The more we allow the thoughts that make us anxious to consume our thoughts, the more anxious we will get. To remove that which makes us anxious "we must take action in mind and body". Do what you can, where you are, with what you have got. Do meditation, listen to music, do fast exercise, play games, watch funny movies. Accept your anxiety and let it go.



Upcoming Podcast Guests

Dr Maurice Duffy talks to key figures from the Business, Politics and Sport sectors.


They say less is more.

In a world where we are very busy and many books are never read all the way through, Maurice has done what many strive to do. Hi has taken a massive body of knowledge about changing mindset and performance and filtered out the noise, leaving you with the essential and most powerful lessons for shifting mindset and performance. The result is a well written book that can be read (all the way through) on a train journey or a plane that leave the reader with clarity about the changes that can be made and how to make them. Written in an engaging and personable style, this is a highly recommended read for anyone wanting to improve their performance and that of their team


Maurice is a natural storyteller, he has used his talent to draw together his thinking, based on many years of working to help leaders re-shape their organizations, and themselves. The result is a fascinating, captivating and thought-provoking book which challenges the reader to think in different ways and break from convention.

Prof. John MacIntyre

Last night, Dr Maurice Duffy very kindly spoke at the alumnae business event I helped to run at my old school, Newcastle High School for Girls. Maurice is without a doubt the best speaker I have heard by far and is based in the region. Everyone needs to attend a talk by him at least once. He is a game changer if ever I have met one! 

Linkedin 12/3/2020


It was a pleasure to attend a talk by Dr Maurice Duffy on Tuesday night. Very inspirational thoughts and certainly fuelled me with some positive motivation. Would highly recommend 👏

Linkedin 11/3/2020


Excellent content, found it informative, entertaining, well structured and delivered in an entertaining and innovative way

John Ford

Maurice was highly engaging, the content very thought provoking and motivating, and the exercises practical and replicable. I will absolutely apply the learning in my own development, as well as the development of my team

HR Executive

He brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience and makes it clear whilst being simple and highly applicable for our busy lives

Jonathan Bowman


Dr Maurice Duffy regularly publishes new content on his blog. Register here to be informed of any new content. Alternatively, you can follow him on Twitter @thebeaksquawks and pick up any new announcement there.

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