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They say less is more

They say less is more.

In a world where we are very busy and many books are never read all the way through, Maurice has done what many strive to do. Hi has taken a massive body of knowledge about changing mindset and performance and filtered out the noise, leaving you with the essential and most powerful lessons for shifting mindset and performance. The result is a well written book that can be read (all the way through) on a train journey or a plane that leave the reader with clarity about the changes that can be made and how to make them. Written in an engaging and personable style, this is a highly recommended read for anyone wanting to improve their performance and that of their team

A natural storyteller

Maurice is a natural storyteller, he has used his talent to draw together his thinking, based on many years of working to help leaders re-shape their organizations, and themselves. The result is a fascinating, captivating and thought-provoking book which challenges the reader to think in different ways and break from convention.

He is a game changer if ever I have met one! 

Last night, Dr Maurice Duffy very kindly spoke at the alumnae business event I helped to run at my old school, Newcastle High School for Girls. Maurice is without a doubt the best speaker I have heard by far and is based in the region. Everyone needs to attend a talk by him at least once. He is a game changer if ever I have met one! 

Linkedin 12/3/2020

… fuelled me with some positive motivation

It was a pleasure to attend a talk by Dr Maurice Duffy on Tuesday night. Very inspirational thoughts and certainly fuelled me with some positive motivation. Would highly recommend 👏

Linkedin 11/3/2020

Excellent … informative … entertaining

Excellent content, found it informative, entertaining, well structured and delivered in an entertaining and innovative way

… very thought provoking and motivating

Maurice was highly engaging, the content very thought provoking and motivating, and the exercises practical and replicable. I will absolutely apply the learning in my own development, as well as the development of my team

… wisdom, knowledge and experience

He brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience and makes it clear whilst being simple and highly applicable for our busy lives