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The Empty Stadium Syndrome

I was reading Quarantine psychology, the new element of a cricket team's arsenal by Emma John and was thinking if there’s was one thing that defines a sports match for me other than winning it’s the roar of the crowd. I miss it so much. I have unbelievable memories of great European nights at Liverpool, IPL, Ashes Victories, International Rugby etc. where I was privileged to attend both a coach and spectator. Now due to new coronavirus restrictions, lots of sports games, are being played without any crowd at all. As a coach I know that performing in front of a crowd can be a great distraction to fatigue. Focusing on the crowd instead of the pain or exhaustion can be an effective strategy to help athletes when they are tiring, and about to 'hit the wall'.  I also know from my coaching that in pre match Visualisation we plan and plot strategies on how to use the crowd noise/energy for both the individual performer and the team. From my own research on the topic of crowd engagement and performance I have found that spectators booing, cheering, or remaining silent can be addressed by positive mind coping strategies.

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Emotional control- the key to success

When you don’t control your emotions it is difficult to have self-awareness. When you are not able to control your emotions, it is difficult to have empathy. Lack of emotional control kills effective relationships. Emotional control is a change you can achieve. #MorningZenThought

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